About Love’s Remedies

Love’s Remedies is an initiative of artists brd and Hannah Kim Varamini. Intended as an operating framework foregrounding relationships and attention as artistic material, we address subjects such as need and desire through interaction and process. While programming, events, and fostering curatorial visions may be components of what Love’s Remedies is and does, we believe that these demonstrations are secondary to what happens when people listen and respond to one another.

Love’s Remedies Is


brd is an artist currently based in Los Angeles. She’s a painter, a book-maker, and a lover, not a fighter. She considers fictive and propositional possibilities as well as instances where forms of communication combine, depart, or fail one another. Investigating notions of empathy and the limits of how the subjective experience can be inhabited or embodied, she uses slippages, conflations, and circular reasoning to deal with her persistent preoccupations around the burdens and desires threaded between care and love. She holds a dual BA and BS from DePaul University and MFA from CalArts.

Hannah kim varamini

Hannah Kim Varamini is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. She was born in Washington, D.C. to first-generation Korean immigrants. She received her BFA from Cornell University and MFA from the art program at California Institute of the Arts. Her work employs language and symbology to examine ideologies of nationalism, and personal histories of diaspora and cultural hybridity. She spent time in Namibia on a Fulbright fellowship in 2008, which propelled an ongoing interest in postcolonial discourse. She has presented work in various contexts including the Santa Cruz Museum of Art, the Phillips Collection, and the National Art Gallery of Namibia.

We’re excited to work with the following artists in events, conversations, workshops and collaborations throughout the following year:

beth fiedorek, luna galassini, vickie aravindhan, molly surazhsky, beck+col, sarah naim, babsi loisch, silvi naçi, Pen incest LA with dana nechmad & samir alain nahas, eli smith, denae howard with B (A) L M, and more.