Love's Remedies
Love's Remedies
Artists brd & Hannah Varamini facilitating projects in DTLA



Informal formalisms

Beth Fiedorek hosts a bi-weekly reading discussion group focused on the political potential of artworks that are particularly engaged with formal aspects.


Pattern Relays: Mushroom inoculation

Luna Galassini leads a discussion and workshop about the ways that nurturing trans-species relationships can facilitate opportunities for processing trauma both intimate and global. Participants learned how to cultivate their own mushroom colony.


Augmented realities: performance IRL

Curated by Christina Valentine and Hannah Kim Varamini

Featuring work by Jinseok Choi, Frau Fiber, Zach Kleyn, Jennifer Moon, and Marcel Maus Hermeneutical Think Tank


the lands of

Curated by Vickie Aravindhan and Ariel Navas

Featuring work by Vickie Aravindhan, Indah Datau, Divaagar, Looksorn, Vinhay Keo, Chand C Mohan, Ariel Navas, and Will Pham


The Bow Wake [Vala e Harkut]

Film Screening & Conversation with Silvi Naçi & Leslie Dick

The Bow Wake [Vala e Harkut] illustrates the connections and tensions between two LGBTQIA+ communities in Albania: the Burrnesha and the Alliance against Discrimination of LGBTQ, as well as a larger portrait of Albania and the cities and people Naçi visited.


Objects I Carry

CalArts REEF Mid-Residency Open House & Group Exhibition

Featuring work by Brd, Jinal Sangoi, Alyssa Manansala, Rosa Boshier, Cynthia Velasquez, Hannah Kim Varamini

Roll thru! Suite 738 til 12a. Up now: @lukeharnden .

Performance Night

Hosted by Silvi Naçi, Holly Harrell, and Nick Hanson

Artists: Molly Shea, Luke Harden, Lucinda Trask, Silvi Naçi, Holly Harrell, Vanessa Holyoak, Gosia Wojas, Hannah Rubin, Woohee Cho, Jenny Eom, River + Necahual toltecatl


One Another with Dorit Cypis at NAVEL LA

Inter-institutional participation by Brd with Dorit Cypis’ project dedicated to the questions of who are we to one another and how we can utilize intimate relation to manifest meaningful action. Ongoing and culminating in public dialogue in November 2019 at NAVEL LA.

We forgot to tell you we are at the @otiscollege MFA GD Book Fair today and tomorrow 12-5p or maybe you saw @hannahvara post about it already! Featuring prints and books by @vickiearavindhan @navaspoop @hannahvara @brd_art @silvi.naci @sbtl_clng @crsvalentime

Otis MFA Graphic Design Art Book Fair

Love’s Remedies mans a booth at the Otis MFA Graphic Design Art Book Fair and brings handmade publications from related projects and art prints from artists.

Includes work by Carolina Hicks, Hannah Varamini, brd, and Silvi Naçi and featuring publications from The Lands Of and Augmented Realities: IRL

5-8p! Come say hi for Fake Woke / Fake News! Park on street, come cool off ;-)

Fake Woke, Fake News

Organized by The B(A)LM, #DAYONESART, and Love’s Remedies.

Featuring work by @DieAmerican (Nandi Loaf & Tom Koehler), @Nandi_Loaf, @Tofupowpow (Vickie Aravindhan and Silvi Naçi), "Felli" Felicita Maynard, Joaquín Esteban J., Jourdan Savage, Kiki Green, XBunny & #Artschoolscammer


Pen Incest LA: Latex Towel

Organized by Dana Nechmad, Samir Nahas, and Brd. Pen Incest is a collaborative relay sketchbook organized around a local theme where twelve artists participate in three rounds to create within and intervene upon the same object.  

Artists: Annie Render, Antoinette Adams, Sarah Naim, Hannah Varamini, Sydney Mills, Deenah Volmer, Adrian Kay Wong, Carolina Hicks, Gabby Rosenberg, Molly Jo Shea, Liz Preger, Shirley Tse


Folding Days at Eightfold Coffee

Love’s Remedies acts as participant in Folding Days, organized by Days LA. This is a retail installation of independent publications highlighting local small presses and makers. It acts as a small survey of recent printed works that focus on design, community, art, and Los Angeles. Bringing these projects together highlights the variety and richness of the creative community in LA.


Talent Show

Eli Smith, Scarlett Kim, & Brd collaborate to create an installation-based call and response mechanism centered around the notion of performativity within real-life situations and public-facing networks of kinship. Includes an exhibition, workshops, and opportunities for other artists to respond.


Conversations with Artists I Know, Conversations with Women I Know

Brd’s ongoing projects using attention and the interview format as material with artists and non-artists alike to allow both parties to give each other room to be validated.


Love’s Remedies has also exchanged with, supported, and facilitated the work of Sarah Naim, Molly Surazhsky, Babsi Loisch, Beck & Col, Patty Chang, Ieva Raudsepa, Carolina Hicks, Hande Sever.


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