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Fake Woke / Fake News

Fake Woke / Fake News illuminates instances of "Political Art" shared via digital platforms. It is a critique of our nation's political crux and glorified imaginative ideologies that reinforce trauma to its citizens. "Alternative Facts" and its crossover use in meme culture - which is then streamlined into mainstream media, day-time television and ALT-Right rallies. Fake "Woke" is an illustration of an Ouroboro and the fragility of the systems of media on our society.

This show was organized by The B(A)LM, #DAYONESART, and Love’s Remedies.

Featuring work by @DieAmerican (Nandi Loaf & Tom Koehler), @Nandi_Loaf, @Tofupowpow (Vickie Aravindhan and Silvi Naçi), "Felli" Felicita Maynard, Joaquín Esteban J., Jourdan Savage, Kiki Green, XBunny & #Artschoolscammer