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Opening Reception: Augmented Realities: Performance Art in Real Life

Tailor Made: Pop up alterations and mending shop by Frau Fiber March 1 and 2

With a spin the Wheel of Wages* the cost of a custom alteration will be determined! For a

limited time, alterations and mending services will be executed by Frau Fiber. Frau Fiber is a

lost generation East German garment worker who campaigns for the transparency of the labor

behind the fast fashion supply chain.

*Cost of labor on the wheel of wages was determined by JustJobs Global Wage Trends for

Apparel Workers.


CalArts Reef Residents Love’s Remedies* presents the inaugural exhibition for their 2019 program, organized by Christina Valentine and Hannah Kim Varamini. Reinterpreting AR as an idea, Augmented Realities: Performance In Real Life explores the work of artists who complicate the divisions of artist/individual or performer/activist.

The idea of augmented reality (AR) blurs the boundary of the virtual and the real; merging the avatar with real identities, repositioning agency and power, and creating a kind of third space wherein new iterations of identity and performativity can occur. The participating artists, Jinseok Choi, Frau Fiber, Carole Frances Lung, Zach Kleyn, Jennifer Moon, Marcel Maus Hermenutical Think Tank, and Brent Everett Dickinson, augment reality as they embody the indeterminatedivision of art and life. Their acts of labor, play, or sabotage are read simultaneously as performance and real action; subverting or disrupting narrative structures and identity.