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Pattern Relays: Mushroom Inoculation Workshop with Luna Galassini

Come learn how to cultivate your very own mushroom colony and think and talk with artist Luna Galassini about the ways that nurturing trans-species relationships can facilitate opportunities for processing trauma both intimate and global. This workshop and optional discussion group has limited space, so RSVP to now! $10 Advance / $20 Day Of.


Luna Galassini is an artist and performer. After graduating with an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2018, she moved from Los Angeles to the mountains of Northern New Mexico, where she is becoming reacquainted with wage labor and vegetable gardening. She was introduced to mushroom cultivation years ago while living in New York, and has since come to depend on survival strategies learned from mycelial networks and other kinds of non-human being. Her research interests include knots and entanglements, resinous woods, heterophony, guided meditation, invasive species, and the tendencies of late capitalism to frustrate and/or assimilate mysticism and modes of intimacy. Her work has been exhibited at The Box in L.A. and Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY.